‘My Summer In Seoul’: K-Pop-set novel to get TV adaptation

Author Rachel Van Dyken’s forthcoming romance novel set in the competitive world of K-Pop ‘My Summer in Seoul’ will be adapted as a television series.

Will Yun Lee and Mark and Christine Holder’s Seoul Street and 04 Entertainment have preemptively taken the rights to ‘My Summer in Seoul’. A search is out for a female Asian American writer to pen the adaptation, reports deadline.com.

The project comes amid a recent rise in the popularity of Korean dramas worldwide that culminated in the success of ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix, which has become a global phenomenon.

‘My Summer in Seoul’, set to be released later this fall, follows Korean-American Grace Lee as she embarks on a life-changing trip to Seoul working for her uncle’s record label.

Her life changes as she begins an internship with one of the biggest K-Pop bands in the world. As she builds friendships with the members, and starts to fall for one guy in particular, she soon realizes that she’s living her own K-Drama come to life and while she wants happily ever after, she just might end up with a hard lesson learned.

In the series, described as ‘Emily in Paris’ meets ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’, Lee follows her dreams all the way to Korea to work as an intern at one of the biggest record labels in the world.

Lee, Mark Holder and Christine Holder produce for Seoul Street, along with Colet Abedi, Jasmine Abedi and Brian Zagorski for 04.

Seoul Street currently has ‘Aloha MotherF**ker’, a drama series based on Jason Ryan’s best-selling novel “Hell-Bent”, set at HBO Max.

On the feature side, the company has ‘Lions in the Garden’ in development with Kevin Hart’s HartBeat Productions.