Myanmar journalist arrested by military


A journalist working for the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) was arrested by the military after being roughed up over his reports of the crackdown last weekend in Myanmar, in which 19 people died.

Kaung Myat Hlaing had live-streamed the crackdown on Monday night by the security forces from his apartment building in the southern city of Myiek.

Later, the DVB management said on Twitter that Hlaing had been beaten up severely and taken into custody.

Myanmar’s military has intensified use of force using live rounds to quell the uprising against the junta, after failing to control the protest demonstration by using tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons.

Journalists have been increasingly targeted by police and soldiers as they try to report the swelling protests on the streets.

In recent days, several people have been arrested, including an Associated Press photographer in Yangon.

“DVB has no knowledge of where Hlaing was taken away, and which military authority has detained him,” the broadcaster said in a statement.

It said that Hlaing’s latest reports were on a weekend military crackdown in Myeik, as well as on Monday’s demonstrations.

Loud bangs could be heard during Hlaing’s live stream, which was hosted on DVB’s official Facebook page.

“If you are shooting like this, how will I come down?” he shouted at the security forces outside.

DVB, a well-known news organisation within Myanmar, started as an exile media outlet during the previous junta, broadcasting uncensored reports on TV and radio.

The outlet demanded on Tuesday that the military release Hlaing, as well as other journalists detained since the February 1 military coup, unconditionally.

“They are all doing their professional jobs as journalists,” it added.