Myanmar to resume issuing e-visas from April 1


Myanmar will accept the applications of business e-visas starting Friday, the Ministry of Immigration and Population said in a statement.

The move came after the country decided on lifting travel entry bans starting April 17 in accordance with the Health Ministry’s Covid rules and regulations, to assist the economic development of the state as Covid infections and deaths have been on a decline, the statement issued on Tuesday said, Xinhua news agency reported.

The Southeast Asian country suspended all new e-visa applications on March 20, 2020 following the rapid increase of Covid cases around the globe.

Myanmar launched the online visa application platform ( in September 2014.



  1. how can the junta hope to open up myanmar while they are still intent on brutally killing so many people,, do they think that tourists want to visit to watch a murder or even get shot ,, about time that they realised that they are not popular and the sympathy lies with the people and that will never change ,,


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