Mysuru gang rape case: K’taka Police to conduct lie detector test on accused


The Karnataka Police are planning to conduct a polygraph test (lie detector) on the accused in the sensational Mysuru gang rape case. The police are also considering using brain-mapping technology, layered voice analysis, according to police sources.

The decision has been as the victim is not coming forward to record her statement as well as identify the accused persons. The cops are deciding to take the scientific analysis with the help of technology to gather evidence in the case to be produced before the court of law.

Polygraph test is popularly known as a lie detector test, it is a device or procedure that measures and records several physiological indicators such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration and skin conductivity while a person is asked a series of questions.

The brain-mapping test is done to interpret the behaviour of the suspect and corroborate the investigating officers’ observation and the suspect’s statements.

Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) uses a unique mathematical process to detect different types of patterns and anomalies in the speech flow and classify them in terms of stress, excitement, etc.

The victim and her family members have switched off their cell phones and are not responding to the investigating team, police sources said.

Meanwhile, the accused were taken to the scene of crime near Lalitadripura near Chamundi foothills on Tuesday. The police took the accused with their faces covered in black hoods and questioned them on gang rape and the sequence of events. The process was video graphed, sources said.

The incident of gang rape took place on August 24. A 22-year-old MBA graduate who was with her male friend was attacked and gang-raped by the accused from Tamil Nadu. The incident had made national headlines and the Karnataka Police department came under fire.

However, the special teams managed to crack the case and arrested six accused persons. The hunt is on for the arrest of another accused in the case.