Mysuru’s Chamarajendra zoo turns breeding centre for giraffes

Mysuru’s Chamarajendra zoo has turned a breeding centre for giraffes in the country, with as many as 22 calves have been born here.

Most of the giraffes have been sent to zoos across the nation, including those in Patna, Guwahati, and Lucknow. They have also made their way to Singapore.

On July 17, giraffe Lakshmi gave birth to its fourth calf. Giraffes Lakshmi and Bharat are turning out to be a blessing in terms of breeding for zoo.

Lakshmi and its mother Khushi have given birth to 10 giraffe calves so far.

Khushi was brought from Lucknow when it was 2 years old. After its arrival, the giraffe clan started seeing the boom in breeding in Mysuru zoo. Over the period of 16 years, it has given birth to Lakshmi (2009), Bheem (2012), Babi (2013), Bharat (2015), and Trishika (2018).

Presently, the Mysuru zoo has four female and three male giraffe calves which are one of the major attractions for visitors.

Zoo’s Executive Director Ajit Kulkarni says that the staff rearing giraffes have created a conducive atmosphere for the giraffes to breed.

Various states across the country have placed demands for giraffes under animal exchange schemes.

Last year, Yadunandana, a male calf, was given to Bannerghatta zoo located on the outskirts of Bengaluru. The giraffes there also started breeding.