Mumbai, Feb 22 (IANS) “Naagin” actor Heital Puniwala says he doesn’t like to use the word “struggle” for his career.

“Struggle is a very negative word, so I don’t use this word in my life. I use the word ‘search’ because I learn acting every day and every day I search for something new in me. I came here to search for work, I never struggled for that,” he said.

“When I came to Mumbai, I started getting work in advertisements and I started my career from theatre. I did theatre for 12 years. I have also been part of many films such as ‘OMG – Oh My God!’, ‘PK’ and ‘Judwaa 2’. Currently, I am doing ‘Naagin’, which I love being part of,” he said.

Is it difficult for a character actor to get roles of his choice all the time?

“Nothing is difficult if you want it to happen. But yes, in today’s time, the competition is a lot. Due to this, the type of character we want to play might not be easily available all the time. My aim is to have my own production house and make films where I get to play these characters. However, acting is acting. For me, a one-line character is also as important as playing a major role in a big film,” he said.




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