Naam Tamilar Katchi plans protests for retrieval of ‘Panchami’ lands

The ultra-Tamil nationalist movement, Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) is planning widespread protests across Tamil Nadu for the retrieval of ‘Panchami’ lands for the Dalits.

Party founder Seeman told IANS that the protests would be against the usurping of 12 lakh acres of Dalit land which was sanctioned by the British.

“Where has that 12 lakh acres of Dalit land donated by the British for the Dalit communities of Tamil Nadu gone?”

The fiery leader also said that successive Dravidian governments of Tamil Nadu were responsible for the disappearance of the Panchami lands.

He said that massive protests will take place from next months, adding that he himself would also address each meeting on the issue.

Seeman further said that he wanted to know about the present situation of the committees set up by successive governments to study the loss of Dalit lands.

A senior leader of the party told IANS that the NTK has started focusing on issues and will not take up general issues.

NTK and Seeman are against the second airport in Chennai coming up at Parandur.




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