Nakul Abhyankar shares notes on ‘Ide Swarga’ for ‘Love Mocktail 2’

Singer and music composer Nakul Abhyankar shares the story behind his latest track ‘Ide Swarga’ from the Kannada film ‘Love Mocktail 2’ which is a sequel to ‘Love Mocktail 1’ released last year. The song is sung by Sanjith Hegde.

He shares: “‘Ide Swarga’ is one of my favourite songs and there’s a small story behind this song where initially I’d done this song to release it as a single and I wanted this to be a single and randomly one day while I was just making Krishna and Milana listen to some of my compositions we stumbled upon this one and there was an instant liking towards this song and both Krishna and Milana were like, ‘we should put this song in the film as it sits really well for one of the sequences’, so I was very happy.”

Nakul adds: “It’s a very new age, chillofy kind of track and Sanjith has done a great job singing the song, it was a fun experience. I went to AM Studios and mixed this song on the new board and one of my friends Suresh mastered it, John played guitars on it and just before sending the master, the previous night I was like, ‘oh, we need a baseline for this track’ and luckily Keith Peters was free and we quickly tracked base in half an hour for this track.”

This is his third song which Nakul has composed other than ‘Ninadene Januma’ and ‘Ee Prema’ from the movie featuring leads Krishna and Milana Nagaraj. ‘Ninadene Januma’ is composed and sung by Nakul himself. This is Nakul’s third film in Kannada as a music director.

Nakul further talks about his experience as a music composer for the movie ‘Love Mocktail 2’.

“‘Love Mocktail’ 2 has been a very special experience for me and the movie has come out great. And luckily, the songs are doing really well, and Krishna has been very supportive in terms of giving me freedom as a composer to come up with what I want to and he loves to listen to my interpretation of how I bring in music to gel well with the story.”