Nandini Rai reveals why co-star Vikas slapped her hard!


Actress Nandini Rai, who is seen in the new Telugu web series “In The Game Of God”, reveals that while shooting certain scenes, she and her co-star Vikas actually slapped each other, to bring out a natural reaction for the camera!

“When Vikas was hitting me lightly for the camera we felt that we were not able to bring out real emotions. Then, we discussed and started hitting for real. So, the tears that the audience will see are real tears! It was our genuine reaction,” Nandini tells IANS.

The actress further claims the hitting seemed so authentic that director Vidyasaagar Muthukumar called for a break before they resumed shoot again.

“Vikas and I slapped so tight, that the director had to wait for half an hour for the swelling to come down,” claims Nandini.

The crime thriller is a seven-part series that stars actor Priyadarshi. Nandini plays a village girl who goes to Hyderabad to pursue her dream of acting.

The actress is happy to be working in a web series.

“These days OTT has taken all our hearts. People who are not going to theatres are binge-watching in the house. For actors, shooting and remunerations are same. We do miss the feeling of the theatre but if a group of friends sit together with a nice sound system attached to their computers, I think it gives a similar feeling. I don’t think there is much difference,” says Nandini.

The Telugu actress, who has worked in various languages, says she enjoys learning new languages for work.

“Language is never a barrier for any actor. I am working in a lot of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam projects. It’s fun learning a new language and meeting different people,” she says.