Nandita Das shares update on Uganda leg of her wildlife safari

Actress Nandita Das, who is on a wildlife safari in Africa, has shared an update on the Uganda leg of the safari.

Taking to Instagram, Nandita posted pictures of herself and her son, who accompanied her on the trip to Bwindi in Uganda and wrote: “Not done sharing about our trip. So, next we went to Uganda.”

“Small planes, grassland to hills and forests, long treks, fatigue…but all worth it. A once in a lifetime experience of being up close with the mountain gorilla.”

“They look scary because of their size but we humans are more abusive and intrusive so they are rightly more scared of us. We did our best to not disturb them. They looked at us without much interest. Thankfully!”

Earlier, the actress had posted pictures of their safari in the Masaimara region of Kenya.

“I have a thousand photos of the lions – majestic, lazy and beastly. All at the same time. Every safari we saw them. In the wild, yet completely unperturbed by jeeps and their roars. Though we were strictly not allowed to step out of the vehicle. Not even when there were only herbivores like the impalas or zebras. We were told they are not used to seeing two legged animals. Only four wheel jeeps! #masaimara,” she wrote.




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