Nani shares strong bond with child artiste Kiara Khanna in new ‘Hi Nanna’ BTS clip

Telugu star Nani’s upcoming family drama ‘Hi Nanna’ has given yet another glimpse of how the movie was made. In particular, this time, it showed how Nani was acting alongside his little co-star Kiara Khanna, and it appears that the two have forged a strong bond on set as Nani was actually behaving a lot like her father.

The video which was posted by the makers on social media shows how the two constantly interact with one another, as Nani would often play with Kiara. Some of this included walking with her on the beach, or laughingly carrying her on his back.

Sometimes, she would tease him and play pranks on-set, with Nani also looking out a lot for her. Some of the behind-the-scenes cuts show how Kiara was also messing around on-set, and how some of these were actually kept due to those shots feeling very authentic.

The small glimpse also showed actress Mrunal Thakur playing with her junior co-star, playing with her on a swing or just fiddling around with her on-set all the while the crew were left smiling.

A heartfelt family drama, ‘Hi Nanna’ is a romantic family drama where Nani has to manage his daughter on one hand, and his romance with Mrunal on the other while overcoming a sense of adversity.

Directed by Shouryuv, the movie will hit theatres on December 7, 2023.



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