Friday, July 19, 2024

National Shooting Championship: Abhinav Choudhary wins men’s rapid-fire pistol gold

Rajasthan’s Abhinav Choudhary clinched the men’s 25m rapid-fire pistol (RFP) title in the ongoing 66th National Shooting Championship Competitions (NSCC) for Pistol events, at Bhopal’s M.P. State Shooting Academy range on Sunday.

Abhinav shot a score of 30 in the final to outgun Uttar Pradesh’s Ankur Goel, who finished with 26 hits to his name. Delhi’s Arpit Goel ended third with 21.

Abhinav had earlier qualified for the final round involving the top six shooters with a score of 584 in qualification, which was also the leading score.

In the junior men’s RFP, Vijayveer Sidhu struck gold with 28 hits in the final, getting the better of Haryana’s Paris Olympic quota-winner Anish Bhanwala, who had 25.

Punjab won gold and bronze in the event when Rajkanwar Singh Sandhu shot 20 to pick up the bronze.

Anish (578) did win the team event in men’s RFP however, combining with Sameer (578) and Adarsh Singh (571) for a combined effort of 1727. Vijayveer along with Rajkanwar and twin brother Udhayveer won the junior team gold.



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