Naughty Tejasswi flirts with Bigg Boss on ‘BB 15’


‘Bigg Boss 15’ is full of drama all the time. Now the most interesting aspect of it is at one point it is full of fights, gossip and heated conversations. But certain times it has few sweet and loving moments also.

Now ‘Bigg Boss 15’ contestant Tejasswi Prakash can be seen flirting with ‘Bigg Boss’ to get her luggage back.

She can be seen in a teaser calling ‘Bigg Boss’ “baby” and asking him “Am I looking nice to you like this?”

She tells everyone ‘Bigg Boss’ is “my baby” and looking at the camera she asks him to express his love. She also complains that “baby” does nothing.

Another contestant says: “He can’t do anything.” Jay laughs and says her “baby” is not in her control. Tejasswi gets disappointed saying: “do something baby”. Well, it is seriously going to be fun to watch all this in the episode.

Tejasswi’s friendship with Karan Kundrra is getting attention on social media. She seems to be playing well. In the past three days several fights took place among the contestants. Pratik Sehajpal has fought not only with Akasa Singh, but also Jay Bhanushali.