Nawaz Sharif may return to Pak in Dec: PML-N insider

PML-N leaders have expressed confidence that party supremo Nawaz Sharif will finally return to Pakistan in December to lead his party but say that the long-anticipated homecoming will not signal the governments intentions to concede on the issue of early elections, as demanded by the PTI.

A party insider said that Nawaz Sharif, if all remains well, will return in December to take back the reins of the party but said that indications that he will return only close to elections to run an election campaign were not true “as his return does not in any way means that PML-N has agreed to any early elections”, reports The Express Tribune.

“The party will not concede on the matter of early elections, come what may. The PML-N, even if it loses its government, will not agree to this demand, and this was final,” he added.

Instead, he clarified that Nawaz Sharif’s return will mark the start of a mass contact drive, which would be followed by a workers’ convention and other activities to invigorate party workers and supporters.

He said that the party will try to fully utilise the remainder of the tenure to bring back the swing votes.

When asked how was his party sure that the new command of the establishment will accord them the same velvet-gloved treatment, as was being provided to them by the existing lot, the party insider said that they were fully confident the new command will remain “apolitical”, not allowing either of the sides to derail democracy, “and will ask all the leading political parties to behave like one”.




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