Nawaz was stuck to a chair for three hours for ‘Haddi’ makeover session

Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, whose transgender look from his upcoming film ‘Haddi’ has intrigued the audience, has admitted that he is a hungry artiste and makes it a point to push the boundaries.

On Tuesday, the makers of ‘Haddi’ shared a transformation video of the actor getting into the skin of his character through the use of prosthetics. The timelapse video shows the actor glued to his chair for close to three hours for the long and tedious process of make-up.

Talking about the same, the powerhouse performer said, “As an artist, I’m always hungry for roles that push my boundaries as a performer. A big portion of that portrayal is the actual look.”

“It’s for the very first time in my career that I spent close to three hours in a chair while the experts weaved their magic. The look empowered me to go out there and take this character to the next level.

‘Haddi’ has truly challenged me in unimaginable ways and I can’t wait to see how audiences react to it”, he added.

The actor had more than one hair stylist who worked with him throughout the shoot to create varied looks, alongside make-up artists who worked in sync to ensure that every single detail was in place.

‘Haddi’ will release on Zee Studios in 2023.




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