NC slams Centre after Omar Abdullah summoned by ED


The National Conference on Thursday slammed the Centre after former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah was summoned for questioning by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in J&K Bank money laundering case.

In a statement the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (JKNC) said its Vice President Omar Abdullah was called by the ED to Delhi to appear before it on Thursday on the grounds that his attendance was necessary in connection with an investigation.

“Inspite of it being the holy month of Ramzan, and Delhi not being his primary place of residence, Mr. Abdullah did not seek a postponement or a change of venue and appeared as per the notice,” the statement said.

“The central government has made a habit of misusing investigative agencies and this is another step in the same direction. No political party that puts up meaningful opposition to the BJP has been spared, whether it is the ED, CBI, NIA, NCB – all have been used for political purposes.”

The statement added that there was a time when elections were announced by the Election Commission, but now it seems that elections are announced by the ED.

“Over recent years we have seen that whereever state elections are due, agencies like the ED move in and target those parties who pose a challenge to the BJP,” the statement said.

“This summons to our Vice President is in the same vein. We have no doubt that this fishing expedition will yield no concrete results to the BJP and the people will give a ringing endorsement to the national conference as and when required.”

The statement further said that “this summon is another step in the vicious vilification campaign that started even before 5th August 2019, when constitutional position holders like the then Governor were used to make slanderous accusations against opponents of the BJP, knowing full well that there was no legal recourse available to those at the receiving end of these lies.

“Even though this exercise is political in nature, Mr Omar Abdullah will cooperate with investigative agencies as there is no wrongdoing on his part and he is not an accused in any matter under investigation.”



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