During this pandemic, many families lost their loved ones in long-term care homes across the country. Some of the worst outbreaks across the country right now are happening in homes owned by Revera – a for-profit company that is run by a federal agency. The number of outbreaks coming out of long-term care homes in Winnipeg, Calgary and across Ontario is devastating.

“The outbreaks are more than a statistic. They’re loved ones gone. They’re one less smile at the dinner table,” said NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh. “This is the result of the failure of profit-driven care in long-term care and a federal government refusing to do the right thing. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government must put an end to for-profit long-term care homes – starting with Revera. Lives count on it.”

Problems in Revera homes are not new. In the first wave of the pandemic, Revera had the second-most deaths in the industry, accounting for 230 deaths and has been unable to protect loved ones from major outbreaks across the country, the NDP noted in a media release. During the second wave, Revera is again the site of significant outbreaks across the country, the statement added. But despite calls by many stakeholders to make Revera public, Justin Trudeau has stood by and now, people are in the worst scenario, party officials said.

“Justin Trudeau has chosen to protect the for-profit model, instead of protecting our loved ones,” said Singh. “If the Prime Minister was able to make Trans Mountain public, he can absolutely make Revera public and save people’s lives.”


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