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NE was misruled by Cong, region saw development under PM Modi: Minister

Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on Wednesday said that the northeast has developed into a powerhouse of India’s growth under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Launching an attack on the Congress, which was once the most influential political parties in the northeast, the Union minister claimed that under its rule, the region was earlier plagued by terrorism, protests, inept administrations, poor policies, and the residents faced an uncertain future.

He told reporters here that in his more than nine years in office, PM Modi has fulfilled more of his promises to the area, bringing peace and security back to a region that had endured decades of neglect under Congress rule.

According to Sonowal, the eight states in the region have received grants totaling more than Rs 5 lakh crore in the last nine years, significantly enhancing their air connectivity, roadways, railroads, and waterways.

He also mentioned that there are now 17 airports instead of just nine in the earlier time.

He also said that although people had to protest about basic development needs, the representatives of the region had to wait months in the national capital to meet with ministers and officials.

Sonowal said that the present government has extended its reach to the people of the region under Modi’s leadership, with the Prime Minister making a record 64 visits.

“The Prime Minister gave Central ministers and officials instructions to work honestly and truly to promote development in the region, and as a result, they have visited 362 times in the last two years and over 800 times in the last nine years,” he said.

According to the former Assam Chief Minister, PM Modi has demonstrated leadership fueled by passion, devotion, and patriotism to bring back peace and dignity to the area, which had the opportunity to host multiple events during the G20 exercise and present its culture and civilization to the world.

The BJP leader claimed that the government’s actions had paid off and that the northeast has seen immense development.

“It has grown into a major travel destination and a powerhouse of India’s growth,” Sonowal stated.



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