Nearly 33 pc drop in quarrel-related calls during Holi: Delhi Police


There was a significant decline of 32.8 per cent in the number of PCR calls received by the Delhi Police during the celebrations of Holi on March 17-18 that were related to quarrel or brawl.

According to police, in total 11,614 calls were received on March 17-18, of which 4,928 were found to be related to quarrels. In the corresponding year 2021, a total 14,371 calls were received, of which 7,331 were brawl-related.

“The comparative analysis of data indicates a fall of 19.2 per cent in total calls, while a big 32.8 per cent decline in quarrel-related PCR calls this year,” police spokesperson Suman Nalwa said.

The data further reflects that the percentage of calls of quarrel vis-a-vis total calls received has shown a downtrend. Quarrel calls accounted for 51 per cent of total calls in 2021, while this ratio is 42 per cent in the current year.

Coincidentally, Holi and Shab-e-Barat fell on the same day this year. In order to ensure that the festivals passed off peacefully, Delhi Police made elaborate security arrangements, optimal visibility of force, intensive patrolling, integrated picket checking, presence of adequate number of traffic personnel to check violations like drunken driving, additional deployment of force in sensitive pockets, holding Aman Committee Meetings and awareness campaigns through social and print media etc. Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana also visited field formations at various duty points across the city on March 18.

Notably, 196 people were challaned for drunken driving in the national capital on Holi. Apart from drunk driving, 1,673 people were prosecuted for riding motorcycles without helmets, 275 for triple riding and 25 for driving the vehicle dangerously.

As Holi coincided with Shab-e-Barat this year, the cops had intensified the security arrangements.

As many as 248 people were challaned for riding a two-wheeler without helmet during Shab-e-Barat celebrations in the night, the police said.

In the same period, during the night, 39 people were prosecuted for triple riding a motorcycle.



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