Need strict laws for population control, says Giriraj Singh

Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Sunday said a law should be brought to control population in the country, adding China achieved economic progress by controlling its population.

“India should also bring a similar law considering its limited resources,” the Minister said while interacting with the media here during a rally seeking a law on population control, which was organised in Jantar Mantar by ‘Jansankhya Samadhan Foundation’.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh national executive member Indresh Kumar, who was also present in the rally, said that to control the increasing population in India, it is necessary to enact a law towards two child policy.

“Everyone is facing problems due to the huge increase in population. Be it Hindu or Muslim, Sikh or Christian. It should not be linked to any religion, caste and community. The increase in population causes problems to everyone.

“…. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (in one of his speeches) had said that having a small family is love for the country,” Kumar said.

Giriraj Singh, the Minister of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, further said: “The law should be made stricter. Violators should be denied government benefits. And their right to vote should be taken away.”

He said that due to the efforts of ‘Jansankhya Samadhan Foundation’, awareness has been created on this issue.

He also stressed on the Uniform Civil Code, citing ‘one country, one flag, one law’.




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