Need to monitor economic scenario with real time data: Sanjeev Sanyal

As the economy tries to recover from the impact of second Covid-19 wave, the government’s Principal Economic Advisor Sanjeev Sanyal has stressed on the need to monitor economic scenario with real time data.

In his remarks at a webinar, he also said that quick response to the probable third wave and maintaining the pace of vaccination coverage would be major move towards supporting the economy.

“Responding quickly to the third wave and making sure that the vaccination keeps happening at the current rate is key. Implementing the budget of February 2021 comes next. We need to also monitor the economic scenario of the country with real time data,” he said at the webinar organised by FICCI FLO.

Noting that 2020 was a difficult year with people, businesses, and economy bearing the brunt of it, FICCI FLO President Ujjwala Singhania said that she hoped to see women-led businesses flourish through structured interventions.

“All policy frameworks need to incorporate measures to mitigate financial constraints, by clearing MSME dues and incentives. There’s a need to adopt a more proactive, flexible and women-friendly role by SIDBI, also to break in a new policy of social security for MSME employees and migrant labourers,” said Singhania, who is also the Director of JK International.