Neena Gupta, Arjun Kapoor recall working together on ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’

Actors Neena Gupta and Arjun Kapoor who played the lead roles in ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’ spoke about their working experience in the movie and also gave a detailed overview of their on-screen characters.

Neena reminisces playing the character of 90-year-old loud and outspoken grandmother. “Initially, I was skeptical to play a 90-year-old granny in ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’,” says Neena.

Talking about the reason behind saying yes for this project, she says: “The fine execution of work came with multiple challenges for us. At first, I was hesitant to play a 90-year-old and was skeptical about this, but once the director Kaashvie Nair narrated the script, I said yes within a second as the script is so special and will always have a special place in my heart.”

The movie is all about the raw emotions and feelings of the people who had lost their loved ones or their homes during the country’s partition. It revolves around the relationship of grandmother and grandson.

“I was delighted to be able to play a role which had a lot of emotions and sentiment,” she adds.

Neena shares about the challenges faced while doing the movie, as she reveals: “There were multiple challenges faced while shooting, as the movie was filmed in Patiala while it was freezing cold. Another challenge every day on the shoot was my makeup as it would take me 2 hours to apply and 1.5 hours to remove it, but I later got used to it. My favourite but also the toughest scene in the movie was where Arjun and I sat together for drinks at night amidst the chilled weather of Patiala. I remember wearing two warmers with five to six heaters around us. It was a tough scene but completely worth it as it then became one of my fondest memories from the shoot.”

Getting candid about co-star Arjun Kapoor, Neena Gupta highlights: “This was one such movie where I started to believe my on-set family was as good as my real one. Arjun played my grandson in the movie and has done a fabulous job.”

Arjun Kapoor who played the role of grandson named ‘Amreek Singh’, commented: “The film’s concept is a fresh perspective on this amazing bond.”

“Neenaji is a very fine performer and a giving co-actor which indeed contributed to our chemistry in the film.I have immense love and respect for her and look forward to collaborating with her soon,” he concludes.

‘Sardar Ka Grandson’ premieres on September 12 on Sony MAX.