Neena Kulkarni: Nowadays my husband on screen is often younger than me!

Actress Neena Kulkarni, who has been a part of the industry since the 1970s, says, over the years, the age of her co-actors has been steadily reducing.

The actress says when she began working her, she used to be teamed up with people older than her but now she often finds herself in film units where her co-actor is younger than her.

“I come from a time when my directors and co-actors used to be older or of my age. Then I moved to a time when the directors, writers and even co-actors are younger than me! I mean nowadays, at times, my husband (on screen) is literally younger,” she tells IANS.

The actress adds that she loves working with the younger lot of actors.

“I learn a lot from the younger generation. It is fascinating what the younger generation thinks about. Acting is a career option now. Earlier it was like, ‘films mein nahi jana (one shouldn’t venture into films)’. So, the younger generation gives the profession their everything,” she says.

In her latest release, the Marathi film “Photo Prem”, Neena’s character is very conscious of being clicked. She says being an actress who is always in front of the camera, such a role was challenging.

“That was the main challenge. It was scary. When an actress like me has to play such a role, it’s challenging. For me, it’s nothing to get clicked or take a selfie. It was a challenge after so many years of acting. It was a beautiful process. I hope it has come out in the film. The older generation is very self-conscious. The moment the camera is switched on, they don’t like to be photographed. They have a very fixed look on their faces,” she says.

The film is currently streaming on Amazon prime Video.