‘Negative impact would be felt in Pak foreign office for many years to come’


There is resentment in the Pakistan foreign office over the outgoing government’s move to use the diplomatic cable for political mileage, as diplomats have voiced concerns that the controversy would undermine their working, Express Tribune reported.

One official said that the negative impact of the way the Imran Khan government used secret and classified communications for political objectives would be felt in the foreign office for many years to come.

The official explained that the first negative fallout of this controversy would be that now diplomats posted abroad would be very careful in their assessments.

“Diplomats are the eyes and ears of Pakistan who give frank and honest feedback from countries where they serve,” the official said.

“Such honest and candid assessments are meant for policymakers to form policy accordingly,” the official explained, adding: “But if governments start using such secret communications for their political gains, the diplomats would be reluctant to make honest assessments,” the official cautioned.

Another official admitted that the government seemed to have blown the “cable” issue out of proportion.

“If the foreign office starts making diplomatic cables public, people would be blown away,” the official said, insisting that such candid discussions between diplomats are common.

But a retired senior diplomat, who also served in the US as Pakistan’s ambassador, said the language used by certain American officials were “harsh and unusual”, Express Tribune reported.



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