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Never forget why you started doing what you love: Smriti Mandhana at B’luru Tech Summit

Ace India cricketer Smriti Mandhana said on Friday that communication is important with the team for a leader.

“If we win, we win as a team; if we lose, the leader needs to take responsibility,” Mandhana said, adding, “Just the tag of a captain does not make one a leader. Everyone is a leader in their own might.”

Mandhana was speaking during the ‘Fireside Chat’ session on the concluding day of the Bengaluru Tech Summit along with Madan Padaki, President, TiE Bengaluru, and B.V. Jagadeesh, Managing Partner, KAAJ Ventures.

They were sharing their thoughts on what it takes to become successful by sharing the success mantra in their respective fields.

Responding to how she deals with challenges and failures, Mandhana said, “Half the battle is won when you accept that things have not gone well. Then think what next, and you are on the right track.”

“One simple mantra is when you know how to take appreciation, take the criticism in the same stride as well,” she added.

On leaderships lessons, Jagadeesh was of the opinion that leadership starts with how you inspire your team, then it is about the trust one builds with his/her employees.

Touching upon how she destresses, Mandhana said, “It is easy to have a switch off button to be a little easy on oneself. Whenever I cross the boundary line while playing, I leave everything behind and switch off. This is my destress mantra.”

For Jagadeesh, the success mantra is “keep your focus, don’t try to boil the ocean, and be sincere in whatever you do. It’s always the 5 per cent luck factor that supports the 95 per cent effort.”

Summing up, Mandhana message was “enjoy what you are doing. Never forget why you started doing what you love.”



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