New-age singers Akanksha Sethi, Mayank Mittal, Vinod Arora out with ‘Magic & Pasta’


Singers Akanksha Sethi, Mayank Mittal and Vinod Arora have launched their new EP, “Magic & Pasta”.

The four-song EP, which was launched last week, has tracks showcasing different moods.

Talking about her track in the EP titled “Summer Evening”, Akanksha says: “I tend to draw parallels between contrasting ideas. ‘Summer evening’ conveyed my state of mind. While writing this one, I was going through a rough phase. The song is about hope and faith when it comes to love and longing, and creating it was like channelising a lot of tangled thoughts into words!”

Mayank sang “Taste Me”, which also has a music video. He describes his track thus: “‘Taste Me’ is everything your parents warned you about — saucy, sexy and delicious!”

Vinod, who has contributed to the EP with his song “Crossfire”, says that he is satisfied with how the song came out.

“Being part of an electronic EP, was something I never thought would happen so early in my career. But, when Jay asked me to play a solo on ‘Crossfire’, my approach towards the solo was very different from what I usually play in my band Kapow! The solo came out to be much more melodic and I had the most fun while composing. The outro is what I call a mistake that made the solo catchy!” he says.

The EP has been curated by music producers Jay Rana and Skopos.