‘New’ Ayodhya to include a bird sanchuary

The ‘new’ Ayodhya which is being developed at a fast pace will also have a bird sanctuary.

According to the official spokesman, the Samda lake and bird sanctuary in Ayodhya, is being developed with a budget of more than Rs 10 crore.

Situated 110 kilometres from Lucknow, the sanctuary will be able to host tourists looking to stay overnight near it.

The Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA) has started surveying the villages in Sohawal area where the lake is situated and will register those who could turn a portion of their houses into a homestay to accommodate tourists.

Close to 150 bird species including Egyptian vulture, Himalayan griffon, osprey and Siberian stonechat have been sighted at Samda lake.

The authority had pressed 22 earth-movers in shifts for two and a half months last year to restore the lake to its original condition. An embankment of 9 metre has been created without using cement and watchtowers have also been set up around the lake.

Vice-chairman of the ADA, Vishal Singh, said that the official inauguration of the beautified and restored lake would be done soon.

Several projects are nearing completion and we are planning to inaugurate them soon. An ecological resort with a spa will also be developed near the lake site in the coming months with help of a private player to attract tourists visiting the temple town. The authority and local municipal corporation have identified multiple residences within the city that can be turned into homestays.

Surveys are on to identify a suitable site in rural parts of the district and 12 to 13 families staying in Sohawal have shown interest in running homestays.




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