New case against Anubrata Mondal may get tagged in CBI’s probe in post-poll violence in Bengal

The CBI may tag new attempt to murder case filed against Trinamool Congress strongman Anubrata Mondal in its ongoing probe on post-poll violence in West Bengal, officials said.

CBI sources said that they are keeping a close watch on the entire development and once the papers for the new attempt to murder case is available, the agency sleuths will evaluate the possibility of tagging this new case in the probe on post-poll violence in West Bengal.

Sources pointed out that currently, a separate team of ours is probing the post-poll violence that took place after the West Bengal assembly polls last year.

In the new attempt to murder case, it was alleged that Mondal tried to choke the complainant on receiving information that he was trying to quit Trinamool Congress. So, there is a similarity in the nature of the complaint in the new case and the pattern of the post-poll violence cases that CBI is already probing, an agency source pointed out.

Mondal, already, has been tagged in a post-poll violence case in West Bengal over the murder of BJP worker Gourab Sarkar on May 2, 2021, hours after the results of the state assembly polls were announced giving a clear majority to Trinamool Congress for the third consecutive term.

Now, if CBI is somehow able to tag the fresh attempt to murder case with its ongoing investigation on the post-poll violence, this will be the second case that will open up against Mondal on this count.

Senior counsel of the Calcutta High Court Kaushik Gupta said that there is a high possibility of CBI being successful in tagging the fresh attempt to murder case with the agency’s post-poll violence probe.

“That is the trick of the legal system. While attempting to dodge one Central agency, the accused has unconsciously opened the avenue for another Central agency to nail him,” Gupta added.




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