New dog squad for security of Nabanna


In an effort to strengthen the security design of Nabanna, Kolkata has decided to set up a dog squad at the state administrative headquarters.

The elite force responsible for maintaining the security of this highly sensitive government building will also develop a state-of-the-art kennel along with a hospital so that there can be a regular health check-up of these canines.

Presently, the dogs are regularly ferried from the Police Training School (PTS) – around five kilometres from Nabanna- everyday both in the morning and in the evening to have a thorough search of the 14 storied building.

“This is a cumbersome job. The dogs have to be brought with utmost care and then again, they will have to be taken back. In case of any emergency, we will have to wait for some time. We cannot afford this time lapse in a building that houses the chief minister. So, we have decided to develop a kennel dedicated to Nabanna,” a senior police officer of Kolkata police said.

“Moreover, dogs develop a sniffing problem if they are taken too far. They can’t detect smell properly and so it is prudent to keep the dogs closer to the area of operation,” the officer said.

The Kolkata police have also decided to develop a state-of-the-art hospital for these canines. Presently, there is only one hospital inside PTS but that is not adequate and all the dogs in and around Kolkata are brought to this hospital. Naturally there is a huge rush. We would like to develop a hospital with doctors and all the modern facilities. These dogs need regular check-ups and so the medical facility is very important for them,” the officer said.

The Kolkata that has already received the ‘Green Signal’ from the finance department has decided to develop the hospital and the kennel opposite the North gate of Nabanna. “There is an open space which we would like to use for the keeping of the dogs. We will develop an accommodation that is enough to house 30 dogs at present,” the officer added. “We have already 12 dogs in possession and we will purchase another 18 dogs,” the officer added.

According to sources in Lalbazar- the police headquarters, there are currently 36 dogs including the Labrador, the German Shepherd, the Cocker Spaniel and the Beagle. Ten more will be bought for that force. When the training is over in April, they will be handed over to the forces.