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New Madhya Pradesh CM bans unregulated use of loudspeakers at religious places

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav on Wednesday banned the “unregulated usage of loudspeakers at religious places and other public spaces”.

Yadav also ordered imposing a ban on meat sales “in the open”.

As per the order issued on Wednesday evening, the Chief Minister directed the officials to frame guidelines regarding the imposition of a ban on “unregulated use of loudspeakers in religious places and other public places” across the state.

He asked the officials to identify the places where meat is being sold in open places and furnish a detailed report to the Home Department by December 31.

A senior Home Department official said that a Flying Squad will be constituted in each district to monitor the sound levels (permissible decibel limits) of loudspeakers and DJ systems playing music at religious places.

Yadav (58), who became the 19th Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and fifth BJP leader to be sworn in for the top post.

He was associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) during his college days in 1993.

Reacting to CM Yadav’s very first order, Congress spokesperson Abbas Hafeez said the BJP is trying to divert attention from the real issues and the promises it made during the election.

“It would have been better had the CM signed first order on one of the promises it made to the people during the election campaign. But the BJP is trying to make people indulge in religious conflict. CM Mohan Yadav trying to compete with other BJP Chief Ministers,” he added.



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