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Newcomers graduate in Sewing & Alterations Program

“For someone who has never threaded a needle and had no idea about sewing, this was a dream come true”, said Ayesha Khan, a recent graduate of Indus’ Sewing & Alteration Program for Newcomers, at a well-attended graduation ceremony held to celebrate the end of the 12-week program.

For the first time ever, this pilot program aims to give newcomers who have an interest in sewing an opportunity to acquire the necessary sewing skills, as well as learn how to maintain sewing equipment and to start and manage their own business. It also includes an unpaid work placement to enable the students to gain work experience.

The graduates were welcomed by Bahja Ibrahim, Project Coordinator who thanked Instructor, Alaa Mahdei and congratulated the graduates on their successful completion of the program. She commended them on their amazing creations which were on display for all to admire.

“Just like any beautiful outfit, you need the right thread, fabric and tools. Your colleagues, Indus staff and the people around you are those tools, and as you go out into the world to start your own business, we would love to hear your success stories”, said Gurpreet Malhotra, CEO, Indus Community Services.

In closing Baljit Sadhal, Interim Director – Newcomer Services once again thanked Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, who have played a huge role in helping newcomers get off their feet and for getting a chance to see for themselves the impact the program has had.

If you or any newcomer you know could benefit from this program, email: [email protected] -CINEWS

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