NHA seeks technology providers to build national digital health network


The National Health Authority (NHA) has extended an open invitation to all for sharing Expression of Interest (EoI) for developing innovative solutions that will help build a national digital health ecosystem for India.

NHA, the implementing agency for Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, said that this collaborative approach will not just help speed up the development but also will help in making digital public goods available to public and/or private entities. The interested parties will provide these solutions as a service at no cost to public.

“The ABDM endeavours to give impetus to open and interoperable standards in the digital health ecosystem. Such an undertaking will not only expedite Universal Health Coverage goals in India, but also have ripple effects on the global health ecosystem”, NHA CEO, R.S. Sharma said.

The NHA is giving an open call inviting all interested parties to contribute to the Unified Health Interface (UHI), Health Claims Protocol (HCP), and various other open-source digital public goods being created to expand the digital health ecosystem.

The ABDM has developed building blocks and interoperable APIs to offer a seamless digital healthcare experience for all stakeholders – health facilities, patients and healthcare professionals. The key building blocks of ABDM are the ABHA, Healthcare Professionals Registry, Health Facility Registry, and Health Information Exchange & Consent Manager.

These building blocks are designed to enable identification of participating entities (health care providers, patients and health professionals) and enable exchange of interoperable health data with patient consent. The digital ecosystem developed is now accessible to health facilities and health tech players for integration.



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