NIA declares rewards on Manipur-based terrorists in Assam Rifles attack case


The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Thursday declared various cash rewards on the heads of ten terrorists of Manipur-based People’s Liberation Army, a banned outfit, in connection with attack on the convoy of 46 Assam Rifles in November 2021.

Seven personnel of the Assam Rifles were killed by the terrorists in the ambush.

The convoy of Assam Rifles was attacked with arms and explosives, near Sialsih village on Indo-Myanmar road which falls under the jurisdiction of Singngat Police Station of Churachandpur District in Manipur.

“The attack resulted in death of five Assam Rifles personnel including Commanding Officer, his family members and injuries to six Assam Rifles personnel,” said an NIA official.

The official said that the ten terrorists agaist which the reward was declared were Chaoyai alias Pukhrambam Mani Meetei, Sagolsem Inaocha alias Ranjit Naorem, Sanatomba, Khaba, Khwairakpa, Nongyai alias Nongphai, CPL Joseph, Balin and Kanta alias Sants.

“Cash Reward of Rs 8 lakh has been declared on the head of Chaoyai alias Pukhrambam Manieetei and Sagolsem. Reward of Rs 6 lakh has been declared on the head of Sanatomba while cash reward of Rs 4 lakh has been declared on Sanatomba, Khaba, Khwairakpa, Nongyai alias Nongphai, CPL Joseph, Balin and Kanta alias Sants,” the official said.

It was a big terrorist ambush on Assam Rifles that happened in November last year in Singhat sub-division of Manipur’s Churachandpur district. Commanding officer of the Assam Rifles unit, his family members and three paramilitary force personnel lost their lives in the ambush. The Assam Rifle officials were on their way to attend a Civil Action Programme when they were ambushed and killed.

Manipur-based People’s Liberation Army was found to be involved in the matter. A case was lodged and the investigation was handed over to the NIA.

Now, NIA has declared a reward on their heads.

“If any person is having any information of importance on the above suspects leading to their arrest or apprehension, the information may be shared with NIA,” said the NIA offcial.



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