Nick Jonas: “Our little girl’s home; What a gift!”

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are over the moon since they brought their daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas home from the hospital.

For the unversed, in January 2022, Nick and Priyanka announced on their social media that they have become parents to a child born via surrogacy.

The couple shared little about their baby in the following months and fans the world over wondered what the name of the child was and when they would catch a glimpse of her.

Finally, on Mother’s Day, Nick Jonas shared pictures of Priyanka holding their baby girl and shared with the world that finally their daughter was home, after spending 100 days at the hospital. The world only then found out that their baby girl was born prematurely and needed NICU care before she could be sent home.

Recently, Nick Jonas made an appearance on the ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ to promote his upcoming show, ‘Dancing with Myself’.

On the show, host Jimmy Fallon asked him about how felt being a dad and what his brother’s reaction was to the news. Nick opened up about what it felt like to be a ‘papa’.

He said, “Yeah, it’s pretty wild. Our little girl’s home. She’s just amazing. What a gift.” Jimmy then asked him if people were giving him advice about taking care of the baby and Nick said, “Turns out everybody I know is a newborn care specialist, all these PhDs I didn’t know they had.”

When Jimmy asked Nick how his brothers reacted to the arrival of the baby, Nick said, “Amazing. They got kids of their own–the two older ones– and Franklin, the youngest, he’s 21 now, can you believe that? He’s the favourite uncle of all, by far. Maybe because he is closest to their age.”

Nick also shared that he celebrated wife Priyanka’s first Mother’s Day with their “little thing” in the house and he bought her a citrus tree as a gift. Along with that Nick talked about his love for Bollywood music and how he finds it the best music to dance to. He said, “My wife Priyanka, she is Indian. We dance to a lot of Bollywood music coz I find it is the easiest to dance to. I could just … (pumps his arms) …do this move all the time, whether I am sitting or standing and it works.” He taught Jimmy Fallon some steps as well. Nick Jonas’ show ‘Dancing with Myself releases on May 31. The show also stars music icon Shakira.



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