Nike to strengthen bond between motherhood and sport

New Delhi, Aug 10 (IANSlife) Mothers are the best endurance athletes, among many other things. Nike (M), which was first introduced in 2020, has now been expanded to empower women worldwide throughout all phases of pregnancy and beyond.

Nike (M), exemplifies the brand’s inclusive design ethos, was developed by analysing data from more than 150,000 comparative scans of pregnant and non-pregnant women. Nearly 30 female athletes who were pregnant or postpartum provided extensive feedback on fit, feel, and functionality to designers throughout the design process.

Nike Dri-FIT (M) Tank Nike Dri-FIT (M) Pullover

“Being a mother isn’t a one size fits all role, and we applied that mindset with our inclusive design approach while creating the Nike (M) collection,” says Carmen Zolman, Nike VP of Innovation Apparel Design. “The more we listened to expecting mothers and postpartum mothers, the more we learned and reworked the capsule to fully support her relationship with sport and movement during such a transformative time in her life.”

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant life-altering bodily experiences is giving birth. Every mom’s journey and recovery is unique, whether she is a biological mom, surrogate mom, adoptive mom, adoptive stepmom, or another type of mom. Motherhood’s chronology frequently continues past nine months. In reality, managing motherhood from before conception through pregnancy and postpartum can take up to 10 years for many women who have more than one kid.

Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh (M) Bra

It can be challenging for expectant and new mothers to find the support they require to find sport and continue to move around after giving birth, as motherhood also marks a new chapter in a woman’s relationship with her body and with sport. The brand was created and tested for moms, by mothers, so that she may move anyway she pleased during the duration of her pregnancy.

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