Nikhil Ramani’s ‘Seventeen’ blend of bedroom pop, soft synths (IANS Interview)


Independent artiste Nikhil Ramani has collaborated with Luke Duckworth and created his sixth indie-pop English song titled ‘Seventeen’.

In a candid chat with IANS, Nikhil shared the process behind creating ‘Seventeen’. Presently in the US, Nikhil said ‘Seventeen’ is an ode to his Chennai memories, going back to the time when he was 17. His music stems from ideas he had recorded on his phone and are woven together on a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

He expressed, “Seventeen is a song about the end of adolescence. A moment when we have accepted the freedom of adulthood without all the responsibilities. There is also a sense of, and an acceptance of adulthood with lyrics such as “It’s been a while my old friend, the times that we shared were different”.”

The singer-songwriter and storyteller continued, “This song illustrates the types of parties we attended long ago taking you back to that carefree lifestyle.”

‘Seventeen’ is a blend of bedroom Indie-pop with catchy melodies and soft synths, “It is a dreamy song with ethereal sub-bass that helps you reminisce on the simpler times of life,” said Nikhil.

As a singer, Nikhil has collaborated with his roommate Luke Duckworth, who has penned the lyrics of the song.

Giving inputs about the collaboration, he shared, “We met on the internet and became friends after. Both of us were in a band before called ‘From Elsewhere’ where Nikhil sang and played the guitar and Luke played the drums, that’s how we became roommates.”