Nirbhay Wadhwa on playing Hanuman: Delivering dialogues mid-air was challenging

Actor Nirbhay Wadhwa, who plays Bedi Walle Hanuman in the show “Vighnaharta Ganesh”, says enacting the role came with its challenges.

“The most difficult scenes were the ones where I had to fly. While all safety precautions were taken into consideration (for the stunts), delivering dialogues mid-air did get challenging at times. With practice and patience, I had managed to overcome this challenge,” he says.

He adds that the atmosphere on the sets is great and the artists learn a lot from each other.

“The shooting experience so far has been great. Most of the cast and crew members know me well and some of us have even worked together on previous projects. So, it did not take a lot of time for me to develop a bond. Most of the artistes are new to the concept of chroma and VFX while shooting so they observe and learn from me and in return, I too learn from them. Also, while I am aware of my role and the gravity it comes with, playing the part has been an inspiring experience. There is so much to learn about his deeds that it enlightens my knowledge about Lord Hanuman even more,” he says.

“Vighnaharta Ganesh” airs on Sony Entertainment Television.