Nishad Party to sponsor education of girl who rows boat to school


The Nishad Party has said that it will now sponsor the education of Sandhya Sahini, the class 11 student who rows a boat in the Rapti river to attend her school daily.

Nishad Party President, Dr Sanjay Nishad said: “She is the next Phoolan Devi as she is full of courage and determination and we will bear the full education expense of the girl and also apply for hostel facility to save her from challenges of reaching school in odd situations.”

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, on Sunday, had lauded Sandhya, tweeting: “This girl did not lose her courage despite the difficult situation, failed administration and an uncertain future. Sandhya’s courage teaches us a lot.”

The Congress leader had also shared a screenshot of a media report about Sandhya, who is seen rowing a boat in flood waters to reach her school.