Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Nitish has lost control over governance, says RJD leader Sunil Singh

 Sunil Singh, a close aide of Lalu Prasad and RJD MLC , on Saturday once  again targetted JD(U) saying that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has lost control over the state’s governance.

Referring to the K.K. Pathak-Professor Chandrashekher row, Singh said that the officers are indulging in arbitrariness in Bihar and nothing is under the control of the chief minister.

“Nitish Kumar is trying to control the government but it is not happening. It is clear that nothing is in his control. The officers are indulging in arbitrariness in the government,” Singh said.

“Today, Ashok Chaudhary is saying that officers and ministers are two wheels of a Rath. He is one of those leaders who had humiliated Rabri Devi in the house and Nitish Kumar failed to take action on him,” Singh said.

“I got the fame as a chairman of Biscoman despite Angulimal Daku and Daku Kharag Singh like officers surrounding me. Despite all that, I am honest. Don’t take my words otherwise. It is my personal view,” Singh said while sharing the same on Facebook as well.

Amid the row, Nitish Kumar went to Rajgir this morning. However, the reasons for his visit are yet to be known.



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