Nitish Kumar a clever person who always plays tricky politics: RJD


Even after Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar sought to clarify that he has “no personal interest” in going to the Rajya Sabha, the opposition RJD on Friday kept up its attack, saying that he is a “clever person, who always plays tricky politics” and “keeps some scope to manipulate things”.

“Nitish Kumar has given a clear statement that he has no personal interest to go to Rajya Sabha. Suppose, his children want him to go to Rajya Sabha then what would happen? How could he refuse the wishes of his children? The fact of the matter is, he has made a safe path for himself where he keeps some scope to manipulate things,” RJD Vice President Shivanand Tiwari said.

“I know Nitish Kumar very well. He is having political limitations. He can’t do much for himself, especially after the 2020 Assembly election. His party was reduced to 43 seats, though it managed to win two more seats in the by-elections. Still, he is in the role of younger brother in the coalition with the BJP in Bihar. Despite that he managed to achieve the post of Chief Minister. Ironically, this post belongs to BJP as it has more MLAs in the assembly. Due to his reduced political stature at present, leaders of the level of (BJP MLA) Vinay Bihari are abusing him,” he added.

Tiwari said that the statement of Vinay Bihari, who called on the Chief Minister to give up his post, was the “worst and derogatory” for Nitish Kumar, though he is still to react to it.

“People like Vinay Bihari will humiliate him in future and he will tolerate them. Keeping the prestige of Chief Minister’s post intact is being very tough for Nitish Kumar. His status is completely destroyed now,” he claimed.

“If Nitish Kumar is saying that he has no interest in any post, why don’t he retire from politics and go to the Himalayas… Nitish Kumar, during first tenure had taken some good decisions like reservation in Panchayats, empowered girl students by giving cash rewards, dresses, bicycles, books etc. He also improved roads in the state but what else did he do for the state later stages,” Tiwari asked.

“Nitish Kumar always takes the name of (Mahatma) Gandhi. I don’t know whether he would be ashamed of himself or not as he sits with those people who worship the killer (Nathu Ram Godse) of Mahatma Gandhi…” he added.

“I suggest to him that if he wants to go to the Rajya Sabha, he should go on the quota of his own party. In that case, he would have some liberty of speaking on any issue. If he goes on the BJP quota, he would not say anything,” he said.



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