Nitish loses cool over ruckus at Muzaffarpur rally


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar lost his cool during a Samaj Sudhar Abhiyan (social reforms campaign) rally in Muzaffarpur on Wednesday.

When the Chief Minister was addressing the rally on the campus of Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology, some people created a ruckus, which attracted the attention of the mediapersons present at the venue.

When the mediapersons turned their cameras toward the people making noise, the Chief Minister asked them to leave the venue.

“Those who are making noise here should listen to what women are saying about social reforms. Where are the mediapersons going? Do they hate social reforms? If yes, then can go from here,” Nitish Kumar said.

The Chief Minister pointed out that just like the women of the state, the men too should realise the consequences of liquor consumption.

“If I am making some valuable points for the betterment of the society, please pay attention to them. If you have any problem, meet me in Patna during the ‘Janta Darbar’ programme. Now please listen carefully to what I am saying,” the Chief Minister said.

This is not the first time that Nitish Kumar lost his cool during a public meeting. In the run-up to the 2020 Assembly polls in Bhiar, he had shouted at people in rallies as well.



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