Nitish to launch ‘yatra’ to gauge women’s mood over liquor ban

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will soon embark on another yatra across the state to gauge the views of women voters over the liquor prohibition law.

This move comes after the recent panchayat elections, as he is likely to visit all districts of the state and to also take stock of the development works.

Sources say that as the Chief Minister has been criticised over this law, the main aim of this visit is to see the implementation of the liquor ban on the ground and guage people’s opinion as well as take stock of various development works.

Whether in or out of power, Nitish Kumar had been taking out ‘yatras’ across the state in the past. Till now, the Chief Minister has undertaken ‘Nyay Yatra’, ‘Vikas Yatra’, ‘Dhyanwaad Yatra’, ‘Pravas Yatra’, ‘Vishwas Yatra’, ‘Seva Yatra’, Adhikar Yatra, ‘Sankalp Yatra’, ‘Sampark Yatra’, among others to gauge the political pulse of people in the state.

While interacting with the media, the Chief Minister had himself said that after the end of panchayat elections, he will embark on a tour of the state. In the past, he usually started his yatra from Champaran but this time he is yet to make an official announcement as to from where he will start his yatra.

According to the information from sources, Nitish Kumar will spread awareness among women against liquor prohibition law during this visit and tell the people about its benefits. He will appeal to women voters to make the liquor prohibition law a success.

Apart from spreading awareness about the liquor prohibition law, the Chief Minister will also review the functioning of government schemes in the state.

Sources say that Nitish Kumar will review the district-wise plans of his government with various government officials.

A Janata Dal (United) leader says that the date of the Chief Minister’s yatra has not been decided yet due to which it is too early to comment on it right now. This is not the first yatra carried out by Nitish Kumar. He often visits all districts of the state to review the development works himself, he added.

Opposition parties have criticised Nitish Kumar over the poor implementation of liquor prohibition law in the state. Therefore, the Chief Minister wants to gauge the opinion of the people, especially women regarding this law.

The idea behind Nitish Kumar’s total prohibition law is that it will hugely benefit the women voters. However, a section of people are unhappy with this law.

Sources say that recent deaths due to consumption of spurious liquor and large number of police raids have led to anger among the people towards the Nitish Kumar-led government.

A government official says that the Chief Minister’s Secretariat is making a strategy regarding Nitish Kumar’s visit which will soon be made public along with complete schedule of the tour.




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