No decision on what will replace Twin Towers till debris is removed: Supertech

After the demolition of the Twin Towers, now a war of words has erupted between the Supertech builder and the Emerald Court RWA on what will be built in place of the Towers. The basis on which the RWA won the case and the Supreme Court had ordered that the towers should be demolished was that the land was marked for a park.

RK Arora, owner of Supertech Group, told IANS that “It has not been decided yet what will be built there. Until the debris is completely removed, it is difficult to say what will be built there. Many people are writing anything, I don’t care about all those things, when the debris is removed, then Supertech will clear the situation as to what will be built there.”

As of now, Supertech still owns the Twin Tower land. But if it constructs anything there, it will have to take permission from two-thirds of the residents of Emerald Court. According to the RWA, what was marked on the map will be built there.




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