No disciplinary action against Alexander Zverev in domestic abuse allegation due to insufficient evidence

The 2020 US Open champion and German tennis star Alexander Zverev will not face any disciplinary action into allegations of domestic abuse, made by his former girlfriend, due to insufficient evidence to substantiate the allegations.

The independent investigation was commissioned by ATP in October 2021 after allegations of domestic abuse were made by Zverev’s former girlfriend Olya Sharypova. The investigation was carried out by The Lake Forest Group (LFG), a third-party investigator, led by founder and chief executive G Michael Verden and Jennifer Mackovjak.

The investigation reviewed submissions by both Sharypova and Zverev, including text messages, audio files, and photos. This included materials voluntarily extracted from Zverev’s electronic devices via a third-party forensic expert. LFG also reviewed documents submitted by third-party witnesses and public records including social media and submitted its full report to ATP.

“Based on a lack of reliable evidence and eyewitness reports, in addition to conflicting statements by Sharypova, Zverev and other interviewees, the investigation was unable to substantiate the allegations of abuse, or determine that violations of ATP’s On-Site Offenses or Player Major Offenses rules took place,” the ATP said in a statement on Tuesday.

“As a result, no disciplinary action against Zverev will be taken by ATP. This determination may however be reevaluated should new evidence come to light, or should any legal proceedings reveal violations of ATP rules. Zverev has consistently denied all allegations and supported ATP’s investigation,” it added.




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