No false accusations against Padma Bridge will be tolerated: Hasina


Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday urged the Special Security Force (SSF), that guards the head of the state and the head of government, to remain vigilant as there is information of a conspiracy against the inauguration of the much-awaited Padma Bridge.

“I have information that something so horrible will happen that we will not be able to hold the inauguration ceremony of the Padma Bridge on the (June) 25th. Many attempts are being made to obstruct the work of the bridge that has been completed after so many challenges.

“I have come to power to build the country, not my own fate. No false accusations will be tolerated,” she said at the SSF’s 36th founding anniversary celebrations.

She recalled that Nobel laurate, Professor Dr Muhammad Yunus even conspired against the construction of Padma Bridge so as to retain the post of Managing Director. And when the World Bank stopped funding for the Padma Bridge due to instigation, the Prime Minister said that at that moment, she announced that Bangladesh would construct the bridge with own funding.

“We have to ensure the security of the important infrastructures in the country,” she said.

Hasina, who is set to inaugurate the country’s longest bridge on June 25, also said: “Recent fire incidents in parts of the country, including the Sitakunda one, could be all part of a conspiracy to foil the celebrations.”

The Prime Minister praised the SSF for carrying out their duties with utmost skill, sincerity, responsibility, and devotion. She also emphasised the importance of working along with the people rather than creating a distance between them.

SSF Director General, Maj Gen Md Majibur Rahman highlighted the different activities of the force during the event. He also said that with the addition of the new VIP protection equipment, the SSF has become one of the modern and updated forces in the world.



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