No Friday prayers offered at Gurugram gurdwaras on Gurpurab

The Friday prayers (Namaz) were not offered in any gurdwara here, apparently due to Gurpurab and “disagreements”.

The Gurdwara Singh Sabha Committee in Gurugram had earlier decided to allow Muslims to offer Friday prayers at its premises.

At a press conference, Daya Singh, spokesperson of the Gurudwara Singh Sabha Committee and president of All India Peace Mission, said the committee had decided to allow Namaz this Friday, but due to Gurpurab, the Muslim community did not offer Friday prayers at the gurdwaras.

Singh told IANS that soon the committee will decide on allowing Friday prayers in gurdwaras next week.

“If Muslims are facing obstruction during Friday prayers in open areas, gurdwaras can be used for the purpose. But a final call on the matter will be taken after a conversation with the committee members,” Singh told IANS.

Meanwhile, it was decided that the Muslims can offer prayers this Friday in the basement of the gurdwara premises or a school building adjoining to the gurdwara located on the Gurdwara Road in Gurugram.

“Due to Gurpurab, several devotees visited the gurdwara, as a result no space was left in their premises. Hence the people belonging to the Muslim community did not offer Friday prayers at the gurdwara,” he said.

Singh also informed that earlier in 2018, when Namaz conflicts occurred in Gurugram, they had helped the Muslims following which they offered Friday prayers at the gurdwara.

Singh asserted that Altaf Ahmad, the co-founder of Gurugram Muslim Council, contacted him and informed him that they will visit the gurdwara on Friday just to extend wishes on Gurpurab.

Apart from this, members of different Sikh Sangats and devotees were adamant that except ‘Gurbani’, no other rituals will be allowed in the gurdwara.

Sardar Ravi Ranjan Singh, a social activist and the president of Jhatka Smiti, said that the Sangat will not allow anyone to perform anything except Gurbani at the gurdwara premises.

“Gurdwara is meant only for Gurbani and nobody will be allowed to use its premises for any other purpose. If Muslims have any problem with open prayers, they must take help from the district administration,” Singh told IANS.