‘No need to ‘Ghabrao’: Lara Dutta Bhupathi tells Rajkummar Rao


Lara Dutta Bhupathi is gearing up for Lionsgate Play’s first original ‘Hiccups and Hookups’ where she will be seen alongside Prateik Babbar and Shinnova.

Rajkummar Rao recently introduced the cast of the show through an innovative video saying that his reputation of a well mannered ‘Rao’ is under threat from the new ‘Rao family’ of the show. Responding to the video, Lara Dutta has expressed her gratitude towards Rajkummar for introducing the show’s characters and has ensured him of securing the Rao surname’s reputation.

Talking about the show, the actress said, “Yes the Rao family is here, but Rajkummar Rao has nothing to fear. I want to thank him for introducing the Rao family to the viewers. ‘Hiccups and Hookups’ is a show about a bold and modern family. They don’t live by any preconceived notions or don’t play by the rules. It addresses many issues which are often not discussed by families.”

“It’s a contemporary show which showcases the journey of a family through their various trials and tribulations but in a breezy and funny vein. There is no reason for Rajkummar Rao to ‘Ghab’rao because the Rao family from this show is only attempting to bring people closer by asking them to get rid of the filters which stifle conversations”, she added.

In addition, there were reports about her profile doing rounds on dating apps, The actress gave a clarification with regards to this as she said, “My character, Vasudha, is recently separated in the show and is agog about reigniting her dating life. The dating profile which went viral was the most appropriate way to introduce the viewers to what’s in store and what’s heading their way. This is a show which will hit the right notes as far as conversations about contemporary living are concerned.”

“That’s not all, the show also sheds light on how a woman reclaims her space post a separation. For Vasudha, when she enters this new phase in her life, she realises that the advent of dating apps has changed the milieu considerably. She is unabashed about wanting to experiment now, since she didn’t have the opportunity earlier. She wants to live life on her own terms whether it’s about changing her area of work or looking for companionship all over again. The show doesn’t judge her for her choices and neither is her character apologetic about living life according to her own rules,” the actress concluded.