Wednesday, June 19, 2024

No open air burn permits being issued in Mississauga

As a precautionary measure, Mississauga is not issuing open air burn permits.

The wildfires in Quebec have caused smoke to blanket Mississauga and surrounding areas in Southern Ontario prompting a special air quality advisory for the city.

The City says it will continue to monitor conditions and provide any necessary updates to residents regarding open air burning. Residents who fail to comply the with open-air burning restrictions of the Ontario Fire Code and the City’s Open Air Burning By-law may be fined, city officials warned.

Althought open air burning is allowed in Mississauga, an open air burn permit is required to set or maintain a fire in any open place, yard, field or construction area, which is not enclosed by a building or structure.

Structures such as outdoor fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, chimineas, smokers and pizza ovens do not require a permit. However, MFES is reminding all residents to be cautious while using these items.

Residents should ensure outdoor appliances and cooking fires are safe and follow the rules and regulations listed in the Open Air Burning By-law including:

  • Ensuring your fire is located at least five metres away from any building, structure, property line, tree, hedge, fence, roadway, overhead wire or anything else that could catch fire and burn easily
  • Making sure that your fire won’t cause a nuisance through issues such as excessive smoke or smell
  • Always watching and controlling a fire until it’s extinguished
  • Having a fire extinguisher or garden hose available

Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services (MFES) stated that it has not issued any new open air burn permits in the last three weeks.


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