New Delhi, Jan 26 (IANSlife) It’s a bitter truth that we need to swallow! But yes, Republic Day 2020 is on a Sunday! Are you wondering how to make this Republic Day Special? The fact that it’s on Sunday and we get no extra holiday, taking away your travel inspo? Are you wondering how to make this weekend a special one?

Let’s rethink this again. Consider this! It’s a beautiful hopefully sunny sunday. And on top of it, it’s Republic Day after all. Like every other Republic Day, the day starts with watching the parade on TV or cheering out your soul at the Rajpath Rd. Anywhere you may be, you’re always left with the dilemma of how to spend the rest of such a day.

All those thinking of turning into couch potatoes as the soldiers march past on the India Gate boulevard, think again. Airbnb has a bunch of interesting Experiences in your city that will surely inspire you to step out of your homes. So, make sure you do something fun this weekend.

Check out these Airbnb Experiences that will surely make your Republic Day extra special:

Old Delhi’s Food, Temples & Spice Market:

Starting at the bustling streets of Chandni Chowk, this cultural tour will have you experiencing the delicious street food of Delhi. The hidden treasures and eateries such as the 147-year-old Parantha’s joint and much more are gems that you will find in no guidebook. This tour also will have your experience the generations-old traditional spice market i.e. Asia’s largest spice market.

Not only this but your host will take you through the streets of old Delhi, trading stories about the unique architecture. Being a Delhiite, you may think you’ve seen it all but this city of ours still has so much to discover!

Delhi Doodle:

This Republic Day you must check out this experience that will enhance your drawing skills and remove the fear of childhood years aka drawing. This workshop will start with simple exercises – making circles, cartoons, and panels, while the host/artist takes you through different drawing types methods. As said by the host “Cartooning can be truly therapeutic. Attempt this once and I’m sure you’ll be doodling through rest of your life (and meetings).”

Biking Delhi

Delhi is a city that reveals itself to you in different forms, from the chaotic outer layer to the fascinating historic city with true spiritual inner layer. There is however one good way of experiencing the city to the fullest: Cycling!

Check out this adventurous biking tour to experience the awakening bustle of Delhi. Ride with our host through the off beaten paths as we transport you to the centuries old history of this once majestic city, while catching rare glimpses of the maddening present of Delhi.

Plucked & Plated – Local Farm Experience

If you’re looking for a place to picnic around Delhi this Republic Day. Then fret not! This local farm experience on Airbnb is just the place for you. This Prodigal Cook Farm in Noida is an urban farm that does a lot more than growing and delivering farm-fresh veggies. This is just the perfect spot for those who have resolved to eat healthy and organic this new year.

In addition, while remaining to be a green experience, one can also learn farming techniques, composting and animal husbandry, before digging into the scrumptious meals.

Cycle to the 2000 Yrs Old Buddhist Caves

Take a tour of the unexplored and remote areas of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali, Mumbai. Ride away 7 kms inside the Park through the lush greenery of the forest to 2000 years old buddist descriptions, where the host will narrate interesting stories and cultural traditions of the buddist era. This Airbnb adventure will surely be an engrossing trek that you are bound to revel in.

Eat your way to a foodgasm

Looking for a food trail to activate your taste buds? Then, you’ve come to the right experience. This is a curated and customisable experience that includes dishes and cuisines from different parts of India. This food trail will take you through the popular spots and streets of Mumbai. To give you a sneak peek into the life of a Mumbaikar, travel will be by local trains, autos, and black-yellow cabs.

Explore Mumbai with a travel filmmaker

‘Mumbai is not a city, it’s a way of life”. Get ready to live the life of Bombay and create memories that last a lifetime. Be a part of an iconic cinematic experience along with a travel filmmaker, while exploring Mumbai in an all new light.

Hike to the highest point of the city

Hike to the highest point of Mumbai, while making your way through Sanjay Gandhi National Park and experience the pulse of the greens, hidden in this grand metropolis. Get lost in the wilderness of this contained paradise and unwind with nature.

Bangalore Desserts Safari

In this 3 hour tour, you will be taken around to the choicest spots in Bengaluru to sample the tastiest desserts. You will also learn about what goes into making them, the different techniques used, the different variants of the same dessert across countries and so on. This tour will include 10 delicacies followed by the famous fire paan or fireball, India’s favourite post meal refreshment.

Indian Coffee Cupping

From different types of coffee from around the world to coffee brewed from within the country, load up on caffeine this weekend, while exploring the Indian coffee brewing procedure. Perfect for coffee enthusiasts, this unique experience shall turn you into a brewer rather than a sipper.




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