No relief from cold wave in Guj for two more days, freezing reported

The cold wave will continue in Gujarat for next two days, and in some parts of the state, temperatures is likely to be in single digits and even fall before less then 4 degrees Celsius, as per the Meteorological Department forecast.

“Cold wave conditions will continue to prevail in isolated pockets of Saurashtra- Kutch region, most probably in Rajkot, Kutch, and Porbandar. The weather will remain dry for the next 24 hours in Gujarat. There will be no large changes in minimum temperature for the next 48 hours,” it said.

In the last 24 hours, Naliya (Kutch) was coldest at 3.8 degrees Celsius, while Ahmedabad recorded 8.6 degrees. Some villages in Kutch reported ice freezing on the open surface.

Considering the cold wave threat, the state government has issued guidelines, asking people not to venture out unnecessarily, and also to wear woollen clothes, and especially cover the head, and if possible, wear skin-tight cotton clothes. It has also asked them to keep stock of food, water, fuel and emergency lights.

The Animal Husbandry Department has issued an advisory for pastoralists to not keep their cattle in the open for long and cover them with thick cotton or woollen cloth.




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